Talking About God

The Talking About God series explores how we’ve talked about God in the past, and how we can talk about God now and in the future, in ways that both honor our traditions and are consistent with modern scientific knowledge:

The first three posts discuss three of the main currents of theological thought that inform contemporary ideas about God, their context, contributions, and limitations. (I should point out here that these articles are now more than five years old–so there may be some claims and ideas here that I would want to nuance or even radically change. I leave them here as a jumping-off point for conversation).

Part 1: Fundamentalism
Part 2: Skeptical Atheism
Part 3: Liberal Theology

The next section asks how both deeply traditional theologies and modern science can be reconciled and how such a theology is richer, both spiritually and intellectually, than the standard western theology that developed since the Scholastic theology of the High Middle Ages:

Part 4: Defining God
Part 5: Translating Faith

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