Sermons Upon Sermons…

sermonWritingI haven’t written on this blog in a while, but I do have a reason. Back in April of 2018, I began work as an Assistant Rector at St. Mark’s Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Predictably, my free time has dwindled, and so my time on here has as well.

In the past, I had at least posted written versions of any sermons I gave on this blog. I haven’t done that in a while, but that’s because my sermons are now posted on my church’s site. I figured the least I could do was link that page here, so that if any folks who came across my personal blog wanted to check any of those sermons out, you could get to them easily.

So here are the links:

St. Mark’s – Scott’s Sermons

Scott’s Sermons at St. Augustine’s

I will also post a permanent link to that sermons page both up top on the pages bar and in the blogroll on the sidebar.

I do hope to also post some non-sermon content on here from time to time—but with my current schedule, I won’t make any promises!

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