>many to one in three

>the Father (Mother!) is utterly transcendent–completely distant, other, timeless, immaterial.

the Spirit is utterly immanent–completely present, within, moving in time and space.

the Son (Daughter!) is the agent of the reunification of the transcendent and the immanent.

people of Selfless Love (Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahais, Daoists, etc. etc. etc.–and all lovers of peace) are called to join the mission of the Incarnate…

>On Possession.

>There is no monopoly on Truth!
We do not possess it;
if we are lucky,
Truth possesses us.

God is contained by no book
and encompassed by no creed!
What could be more arrogant
than to claim ownership
of the Lord of alleverything?

Lower your fists
and close your books.

Sit, quiet,
and dissolve back
into Him.


>Oh, I lay myself down
to bed, over and over
excusing my sloth
as if it were a recent visitor.

It took 25 years to get here
and in 5 more it’ll be
“it took 30 years to get here”.
No matter how long I spend
or how little I acheive
rest assured! I can conceive
of excuses and reasons
intricitely weaved.

But anyways! No one came down hard
on Michaelangelo
for taking more than a few years
to finish that whole
ceiling project.